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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the BRT system of Peshawar?

Zu Peshawar is the name of the BRT System of Peshawar. The name Zu was chosen because it means “Let’s go Peshawar!” in Pushto. On the logo, there is a clear reference to the petals of a flower, relating it with Peshawar, known as “the city of flowers”.

What is the proposed BRT corridor for Peshawar?

The proposed project will help develop a sustainable urban transport system in Peshawar by delivering the city's first integrated BRT corridor, directly benefiting 0.5 million people.

How much does it cost to travel in Peshawar BRT?

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announced that Peshawar BRT’s ticket prices will range between a minimum of PKR 10 and a maximum of PKR 50 depending on the distance travelled by each passenger. Check out the fare table below for details: Distance Traveled by Kilometers and Fare in PKR.

What is transtranspeshawar BRT system?

TransPeshawar BRT system consists of two parts: the first encompasses an east-west corridor served by 32 stations on a dedicated lane for exclusive use by buses, while the second part consists of a network of feeder routes in which buses can enter and exit the system to travel on city streets.

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