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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get stuff engraved?

Buy it anywhere and engrave it at your nearest Things Remembered store. From etching wine bottles to engraving jewelry and watches, we can personalize your item while you shop. Call your local Things Remembered store location for details.

Where to get jewelry engraved?

Typically, engraving is provided by companies that specialize in engraving mass batches of items, such as awards, plaques, and other items. In the jewelry sphere, engraving can be provided (with varying results) by local jewelers, small boutiques, and large chain jewelry brands.

Do jewelry stores engrave?

Jewelry engraving is mostly done to personalize a piece of jewelry by incising a name or logo on it and is usually applied to a wedding or engagement ring. However, it can be done to almost any piece of jewelry for any reason.

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