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Frequently Asked Questions

What is personalism?

Personalism has for the most part not been primarily a theoretical philosophy of the person.

Who are the American personalists?

A third generation of American personalists, represented by such figures as Peter A. Bertocci (1910–1989) and W. Gordon Allport of Harvard, a student of William Stern, further developed the psychological dimension of personalism.

Is there a biblical basis for personalism?

As a philosophical school, personalism finds its foundations in human reason and experience, though historically personalism has nearly always been united to Biblical theism. Von Balthasar suggests that “Without the biblical background it [personalism] is inconceivable.”

What are the different strains of personalism?

For taxonomic convenience, the many strains of personalism can be grouped into two fundamental categories: personalism in a strict sense and personalism in a broader sense.

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