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Frequently Asked Questions

Should “Personalismo” be extended to non-Latino patients?

You may be thinking that these are basic courtesies that should be extended to all patients. The difference is that when basic acts of “personalismo” are skipped with a non-latino patient, it is unlikely to make a difference in the outcome of the treatment.

What is personalised healthcare?

Roche - What is Personalised Healthcare? Personalised healthcare is about providing the right treatment for the right patient. Fitting treatments to patients has always been the objective of medicine, of course. But only recent advances in science and technology have made this possible. We use cookies to give you the best online experience.

What is “Personalismo”?

However, that’s not the whole picture. The concept of personalismo, often defined as “formal friendliness,” basically means that Latinos place great emphasis on personal relationships.

Why is personalizing care to the individual important?

Each person has their own health risks, lifestyle choices, and goals for their health. This is why personalizing care to the individual is important. In order to personalize care, medical professionals look your entire health, not just whether or not you have a disease.

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