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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Personalismo”?

However, that’s not the whole picture. The concept of personalismo, often defined as “formal friendliness,” basically means that Latinos place great emphasis on personal relationships.

Should “Personalismo” be extended to non-Latino patients?

You may be thinking that these are basic courtesies that should be extended to all patients. The difference is that when basic acts of “personalismo” are skipped with a non-latino patient, it is unlikely to make a difference in the outcome of the treatment.

How can counselors be culturally competent to counsel Hispanic/Latino clients?

Articulate strategies to make counseling culturally sensitive to the values of the Hispanic/Latino culture Identify interventions that are considered best practices for counseling Hispanic/Latino clients Explore Christian principles to become culturally competent to counsel Hispanic/Latino clients from a

What is Familismo?

Sometimes familismo means putting the family above oneself. It may even mean helping one’s parents and siblings with money. Research shows that familismo is strong among Latinx college students. However, familismo is also strong among Asian American college students.

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