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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personalismo in Latin American culture?

The concept of personalismo, often defined as “formal friendliness,” basically means that Latinos place great emphasis on personal relationships. Latin culture is both people-oriented and collectivist, meaning that Latinos generally value personal relationships over status, material gain, and institutional relationships.

What is a personalismo government?

Personalismo is related to the phenomenon in Latin America called caudillismo, by which a government is controlled by leaders whose power typically rests on some combination of force and personal charisma ( caudillos ).

Why are you interested in Personalismo?

Personalismo also builds confianza – an essential attitude of trust between you and the person you’re working with. Here is a post I wrote connecting personalismo to confianza. I’m curious to know, why are you interested in personalismo?

Should “Personalismo” be extended to non-Latino patients?

You may be thinking that these are basic courtesies that should be extended to all patients. The difference is that when basic acts of “personalismo” are skipped with a non-latino patient, it is unlikely to make a difference in the outcome of the treatment.

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