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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contribution of Emmanuel Mounier?

In France, philosopher Emmanuel Mounier (1905–1950) was the leading proponent of personalism, around which he founded the review Esprit, which exists to this day. Under Jean-Marie Domenach's direction, it criticized the use of torture during the Algerian War.

What is Mounier’s personalism?

Politically and socially, Mounier explicitly advances personalism as an alternative to both liberal individualism and Marxism. The former, he writes, denies the reality of material limitations and often, in practice, the subjectivity of other persons. The latter denies the reality of spirit and, in effect, even the subjectivity of the self.

What is the nature of the person according to personalists?

Personalists stress the person’s nature as a social being. According to personalists, the person never exists in isolation, and moreover persons find their human perfection only in communion with other persons.

What is Mounier’s philosophy?

Mounier’s philosophy was a reaction to the political-ideological (fascism, communism, imperialism) and economic-social (harsh capitalism, proletarisation, materialism) derailment in the first half of the 20th century.

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