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Frequently Asked Questions

Why personalise your business stationery?

Add personality to notes and envelopes with matching, custom-printed business stationery. Looking for an easy way to impress friends, family or potential business contacts? In addition to standing out among other envelopes and packages, personalised stationery conveys a classic style and confidence.

What kind of paper do you use for stationery?

Custom-printed stationery designs on uncoated, 100 gsm paper. 80 pages, with custom cover options. Lined and blank paper available. Assorted sizes and colours, each with a pointed back flap. Stick a finishing touch on your correspondence. 68 x 21 mm rectangular labels, with room for your name and address.

Why choose Vistaprint for your custom print stationery and invitation printing?

With Vistaprint’s custom print stationery and invitation printing, you can add extra-special touches to those events – no professional design experience required. Our fully customisable invitation templates (and intuitive online design studio) make it easy to quickly add personal details, like photos, nicknames or favourite colours.

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