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Frequently Asked Questions

Why engrave with engengrave UK?

Engrave UK can help you choose the perfect trophy and gifts for any occasions, with in house support of expert designers and engravers. Every team member is able to offer advice and suggestions to help you make the perfect choice. If you have any questions, please call us on 01908 564 584 during the day or 07939 140858 after hours.

How do I order an engraved gift?

Just call our sales office or contact us via the live chat to arrange for our express service. The Engraved Gifts Company can cater for all your personalised gifts and engraved gift needs throughout 2016 and beyond. On our website you can shop by occasion or by category.

How do I get my own text engraved on my products?

On the product’s page, check the box that says “Add custom engraved text”, type the text you want engraved, and click “OK”. Now you can just complete the order and look forward to your personalised fragrance or beauty product with a special message. How much does the engraving cost? Having your own text engraved will cost you £ 3,40.

What is the personalised gift studio?

Welcome to the Personalised gift studio, with your help we make unique personalised gifts that truley are one of a kind. At the personalised gift studio we are passionate about bringing you spectacular personalised gifts at ordinary prices.

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