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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a perpetual plaque?

Perpetual plaques are an excellent way to reward or recognize employees in your It shows staff that you acknowledge and appreciate their contribution.

What is a commemorative plaque?

A commemorative plaque, or simply plaque, or in other places referred to as a historical marker or historic plaque, is a plate of metal, ceramic, stone, wood, or other material, typically attached to a wall, stone, or other vertical surface, and bearing text or an image in relief, or both, to commemorate one or more persons, an event, a former use ...

What is a memorial plaque?

Memorial plaque. A flat inscribed stone that commemorates a special event or to serve as a memorial; set into or fixed to the surface of a wall. A flat marker, usually of metal or stone and often inscribed, affixed to or set into a surface; used to serve as a memorial or to commemorate a special event.

What is an award plaque?

Award Plaques are widely used for recognition and motivation of employees, volunteers and students. Our elegant collection includes handsome designs from American hardwoods such as Walnut, Cherry and Rosewood as well as budget friendly options constructed from composites.

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