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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the SB safe training modules in PERC?

If you are already signed in to the PERC Learning Center, you can access the SB Safe Training modules directly: ARMC employees click here: Health Stream Thank you for participating in SB Safe Training!

What does PERC stand for?

Note: This document was previously titled “Onsite Wastewater Disposal System Soil Percolation (PERC) Test Report Standards: Suitability of Lots and Soils for Use of Leach lines or Seepage Pits”. The title has been updated to reflect the primary purpose of the information presented.

What is a septic system perc test?

Percolation Testing or sometimes referred to as a Perc Test, Perk test, Percolation Investigation, Feasibility Test, Septic System Test, etc. is performed to determine the feasibility of using an on site, sub-surface sewage disposal system on the lot or parcel in question.

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