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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health risks of Pepsi?

When the liver finds too much glucose, the extra one is converted to body fat. Pepsi can cause cancer. That caramel coloring in Pepsi causes cancer in animals. In fact, it was asked to ban it because it contains 2 and 4- methylimidazoles.

Does Pepsi own Starbucks?

Pepsi does not own Starbucks . Both companies are publicly owned by shareholders. Pepsi trades under the stock symbol PEP and Starbucks trades under the symbol SBUX as a different entity. Furthermore, the Pepsi Corporation is headquartered in Purchase, New York whereas the home base of Starbucks is in Seattle, Washington.

How many employees does Pepsi have?

PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE: PEP) engages in the manufacture, marketing and sale of food and beverage products worldwide. It was founded in 1898 and headquartered in Purchase, New York with 271,000 employees. It was introduced first as Brad's Drink, as rename...

How does Pepsi compare to Coke?

Pepsi also uses sweeteners, making it the much sweeter beverage. As far as caffeine goes, a can of Pepsi contains 38mg of it, whereas Coke has 34mg. But enough about drink recipes and cans of soda do Coke and Pepsi, as companies, compare to one another.

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