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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the upright walking bear Pedals?

The upright walking bear had been seen walking around New Jersey after injuring his two front paws. Content loading... A beloved black bear that won hearts after he was spotted walking around New Jersey on two legs, earning him the name Pedals, is believed to have been killed by a bow hunter.

Was a pedals bear killed in New Jersey?

Pedals appears to have been killed in October 2016 in New Jersey 's first sanctioned bow and arrow hunt in four decades. During the hunt, which also included muzzle-loading rifles, a total of 562 bears were killed. Pedals was first spotted in 2014 in Oak Ridge, New Jersey. The bear walked upright on its hind legs due to injuries on its front paws.

What to do about the pedals bear?

Over 300,000 people concerned with Pedals' welfare signed a petition written by Lisa Rose Rublack to relocate the bear to the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York. Supporters donated $22,000 to a fund created by Sabrina Pugsley to move the bear to the sanctuary to avoid the possibility of it struggling to survive in the wild.

Is pedals the bear the Sasquatch of the Garden State?

Since 2014, a male American black bear nicknamed Pedals has been spotted wandering through Oak Ridge upright, becoming something of a Sasquatch of the Garden State. One picture released by the department showed the bear’s body strung up from a ceiling by a chain.

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