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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best pedals for motorsport simulators?

These pedals from Heusinkveld Engineering are suitable for high-end professional Motorsport simulators, and their strong, stiff, compact, and durable design allows for an instant and accurate response. They can be used in the most demanding environments, and they’re capable of simulating the pedal forces as experienced in F1 and LMP-cars.

What are the SimCraft racing pedals?

These built to order racing pedals from SimCraft are based on the Tilton Engineering 600 Series Racing Pedal set that you will find installed in the cockpits of real Touring, Formula and Sports prototype racing cars.

What is the pedal feel?

The pedal feel has been developed with real-world Motorsport drivers and comes supplied with everything you need to install and go racing. These black powder-coated units have a handy Simucube connection variant (the alternative being standard USB) so if you’re a Simucube 2 owner, you can connect these directly into the back of your wheelbase.

What makes Meca pedals so good?

These pedals ought to look brand new for years: Meca uses the tried and tested Leo Bodnar electronics Load Cell Amplifier and all moving parts are very carefully chosen to include bronze swivel and sliding bearings. Barry at SimRacingGarage was extremely complimentary about them:

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