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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best road bike pedal?

Best road bike pedals. Clipless pedals evolved out of the old pedal and toe-clip setup. But while toe-clips rely on a clip and strap to hold your foot on the pedal, clipless pedals use a cleat that's fastened to the sole of your shoe that engages with the pedal mechanically, similar to a ski binding. To clip into your pedals,...

Do road bikes come with pedals?

Often times, road bicycles are not sold with pedals. This is particularly true for high end bike models. Many riders have their own preferences with it comes to pedals and even shoes. Bicycles are not sold with pedals as riders like to attach their own and it helps keep the cost of the bike down.

What is the best bicycle for seniors?

Reclined seat position: Recumbent exercise bikes also make the best exercise bike for seniors because of the reclined seat position they are constructed with. The seat distributes pressure proportionately and offers greater comfort and back support when exercising.

Does ebike have to have pedals?

For an electric bike to be classified as an electric bike, it must have pedals that can propel the bike. It sounds simple, but electric bikes have been evolving and there are some grey areas. If you're looking to get an electric bike without pedals, that's probably going to be defined as a scooter by law.

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