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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bike to rent in Hilton Head?

At Pedals Bike Rentals, we are proud to be Hilton Head‘s premier bicycle rental shop. In Hilton Head, the preferred bicycle is a single-speed aluminum beach cruiser with wide handlebars, pedal brakes, big comfy seats, and cruiser tires; these are great for cruising along the beaches.

Why pedal Hilton Head Island?

Peddlers will not only enjoy cycling but will bask in Hilton Head’s beach lifestyle while learning about our exceptional history and visiting our newest Island gem, Lowcountry Celebration Park! Pedal Hilton Head Island has been a cornerstone event for the Boys and Girls Club Community for 15 years. Typically, the Club serves 325 kids served daily.

What sizes of Beach Cruiser bikes does pedpedals offer?

Pedals Bicycles offers a variety of sizes of the beach cruiser, ranging from 25″ frame men’s bikes to 12″ wheel kids bikes. For children, we have an array of options from small bikes to ally cats, kiddie karts, and free child seats on the back of the adult bike. We also have real tandem bikes and adult tricycles available for rent.

Why choose pedals for your vacation rentals?

Here at Pedals, we customize your vacation accommodations. rentals to include everyone in the family. Whether you want beach cruisers, kiddie karts to pull your little ones or tandem bikes to keep young children close; Pedals can accommodate any requests and deliver your bikes to you!

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