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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of someone with pectus excavatum?

For the vast majority of Pectus Excavatum patients the condition does not affect ones life expectancy. However, in patients with Marfan Syndrome or Marfan like conditions (1 in 500 patients with Pectus), 30% will have life threatening aortic events that can effect life expectancy.

Does pectus excavatum ever go away?

You do have pectus excavatum - it is caused by the bones of the chest and will no go away. But the good news is that with a custom-made pectoral implant it can be corrected. Please see a plastic surgeon who does these implants to find out what is involved. Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

What does pectus mean in Latin?

Medical Definition of Pectus carinatum. Pectus carinatum: Pigeon-breasted. In Latin "pectus" means "chest" and "carina" keel = a chest shaped like the keel of a boat (looking at the keel from outside the boat). While it is generally asymptomatic, patients may be short of breath and feel heart palpitations.

Can pectus excavatum decrease your life span?

The study agrees with the assumption that the pectus excavatum deformity can lower the lifespan. A 2005 scientific research concluded pectus excavatum can lower the lifespan of the sufferer. Not all severities of pectus excavatum are causing harm.

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