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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workday system?

The Workday system replaced all existing PantherNet-based systems including the Student Information System (Admissions, Courses, Classes, Registration, Degree Audit, Test Scores, Transcripts), and the Financial Aid, Finance, Purchasing, HR Recruitment, Human Resources, and Payroll systems. The last term of PantherNet is Summer 2021.

What is included in workday student?

Workday Student includes all Student functions including recruitment, admissions, registration, financial aid, academic advising, student records, curriculum management and student financials. It is the final Workday module to be implemented with the functionality coming in stages.

What do I need to log on to workday?

To logon to Workday, you will need your Palm Beach State College User ID and password, and dual-factor authentication activated. These instructions from the Palm Beach State College Service Desk have everything you need to get logged on to Workday. The direct link to Workday is

What is the workday student - registration video?

The Workday Student - Registration video provides you with an interactive tutorial on how to register for course sections, how to drop/swap, troubleshoot items potentially preventing registration (such as holds and eligibility), and more.

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