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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Volkswagen Passat weigh?

For Volkswagen Passat , the sizes are as follows: 1483 mm high, 4775-4873 mm long, and 1832 mm wide. Its weight is 1360 kg . The wheelbase is 2604 mm for Volkswagen Tiguan vs. 2786 mm for Volkswagen Passat . It's really worth matching engines of the cars.

Who makes Volkswagen Passat?

The Volkswagen Passat is a family car built by Volkswagen AG, produced in various forms since 1973. It falls between the Volkswagen Golf/Jetta and Phaeton in the current Volkswagen lineup, and is currently produced in Volkswagen's plant in Emden, Germany.

Where are Passats built?

The Volkswagen Passat that is sold in North America, South Korea, the Middle East, and China differs from the European version. It is built at two assembly plants: Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee and SAIC Volkswagen plant in Nanjing, China.

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