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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health partner plan?

Provider Partners Health Plan (PPHP) is a new Medicare Advantage HMO plan for individuals enrolled in Medicare who reside in long-term care facilities. In partnership with your local care team, PPHP provides better, more coordinated care that keeps our members healthier.

What is Partnership for health?

Health partnership is commonly understood to mean the interactive relationship between a doctor and patient, the former advising on optimal strategies for improving or maintaining health, and the latter following the advice and taking charge of his or her own health.

What is a health care partnership?

Partnership is a publicly funded program that helps frail seniors and adults with disabilities manage health, medical, and long-term care needs. Members are part of a care team (this links to a non-Medicare portion of our site) that includes a nurse practitioner, social worker, registered nurse, care coordinator,...

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