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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some important facts about a parallelogram?

Facts about Parallelograms What is a parallelogram? A parallelogram is defined as a four sided figure (quadrilateral) whose opposite sides are parallel to each other. Origin of the word. The word parallelogram originated in the 16th century from the Latin words 'Parallelos' meaning "parallel" and 'gramme' meaning "line". History of Parallelograms. ... Properties of a parallelogram. ... More items...

What are three attributes of a parallelogram?

The properties of the parallelogram are simply those things that are true about it. These properties concern its sides, angles, and diagonals. The parallelogram has the following properties: Opposite sides are parallel by definition. Opposite sides are congruent. Opposite angles are congruent. Consecutive angles are supplementary.

What is always true about a parallelogram?

It is always true. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral where opposite sides are parallel. So a quadrilateral ABCD is a parallelogram if and only if AB is parallel to DC, and BC is parallel to AD. The angles between side AB and adjacent sides AD and BC are supplementary (their measures add up to .

What is a real world example of a parallelogram?

Real life examples of parallelograms include tables, desks, arrangements of streets on a map, boxes, building blocks, paper and the Dockland office building in Hamburg, Germany. A parallelogram is a two-dimensional shape that has opposite sides that are equal in length and parallel to each other, and opposite angles that are equal.

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