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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a paraglider cost?

A paraglider is the cheapest, simplest aircraft in the world. Prices for a complete set of gear range from $3,000-$6,000, and training for a basic license (USHPA’s P2, which qualifies a student to fly on their own, without a tandem pilot) costs around $1,000.

What does paraglider mean?

Definition of 'paraglide'. paraglide. If a person paraglides, they jump from an aircraft or off a hill or tall building while wearing a special parachute which allows them to control the way they float to the ground. They planned to paraglide from Long Mountain. Hang gliding and paragliding are allowed from the top of Windy Hill.

How is a paraglider made?

The paraglider sail is made of synthetic fabric (Skytex, Galvanor) which is reinforced against tearing. The producers choose different fabric thickness (g/m2) and properties for different parts of the wing (upper surface, bottom surface, ribs, leading edge).

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