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Frequently Asked Questions

What is edparadiso LMS?

Paradiso LMS is a highly sophisticated, next-generation learning management system that caters to any business or organization type.

What is included in Paradiso LMS licence?

Paradiso LMS includes Gamification, Social Learning, Blended Learning, Mobile Learning, Advanced Reporting, Scorm / AICC / Tin Can Compatible, Learning Paths, Performance Management, Custom Branding, Certifications. How do I pay for my Paradiso LMS Licences?

What is the Paradiso training platform?

Paradiso offers employee training platform for learners and educators with astounding features such as gamification, social learning, blended learning, learning path, performance reports, etc.

What is Paradiso course catalog?

With Paradiso course catalog you can make use of 1000s of off-the-shelf courses in many different categories such as soft skills, communication, leadership, IT etc and curate your own off shelf courses. is working its way into K-12. training online?

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