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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Undertale Friday night Funkin great papyrus and Sans?

Friday Night Funkin Great Papyrus and Sans is the episode where the boyfriend is looking for games and finds Undertale. The couple start to play the game when suddenly they get teleported into it! In the game, they find Sans and talk with him, but later get captured by Papyrus!

Who is papyrus in Undertale?

Papyrus is one of the main characters in UNDERTALE. His motive in life is to capture a living human so that he can be accepted into the Royal Guard. He is Sans ' younger brother and lives with him in Snowdin. Like his brother, Papyrus is named after the font his dialogue is always displayed in (Papyrus).

Where to play FNF great papyrus and Sans game online?

Play FNF: Great Papyrus and Sans game online and unblocked at This is a mod of the FNF series where our beloved boyfriend will be singing and battling against Papyrus and Sans from Un...

Why can't I download papyrus's appearances?

Reason: There are more Papyrus mods. One or more of this character's appearances/download links are either withheld, on hold, privated, or trashed and are no longer available. However, other appearances are still easily accessible. “I WILL BE THE ONE! I MUST BE THE ONE! I WILL CAPTURE A HUMAN! THEN, I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS...

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