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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Sans and papyrus?

Sans and Papyrus are a popular duo in the Undertale series, and there are countless fanworks focusing on their brotherly relationship. Sans is often seen as the protective older brother while Papyrus is the more innocent younger brother.

Are papyrus and Sans brothers in Undertale?

Sans and Papyrus are brothers and are the one of the major characters you meet in Undertale. They have been shown to love each other more than seemingly anything, as they appear to have no other family. Details of their past are unknown, but is known that they "showed up" to Snowdin one day.

What happened to papyrus in orphans?

Orphans Sans and Papyrus struggle to keep themselves alive, despite Sans' unparalleled power making him one of the most feared monsters in the Underground at the tender age of 13. But his baby brother wasn't so lucky. Instead, he was gifted a rare innocence and compassion for all life.

Was papyrus abusive in the story?

Sans rebukes most of Papyrus' attempts and struggles with his mental instability due to the resets and lack of self worth. Rewrite the summary since quite a few people mistook the previous summary to mean Papyrus was abusive in the story. That's the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish with this fanfic.

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