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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Sans and papyrus become amalgamated?

The skeleton brothers melted together after Alphys had injected DETERMINATION into Papyrus, who had recently "Fallen Down". After a while, Papyrus began to melt, but Sans was hugging his brother, and melted with him, making him also a amalgamate along with Papyrus.

Is Lucky 7 a real papyrus?

In phase one, Lucky 7 appears as a deformed Papyrus made in the style of an amalgamate. Its body does not have any arms while it also seems to have sunken or melted into the floor to the knees, with a white puddle surroun.

What happened to papyrus and sixbones?

Papyrus has a melted face, and his right arm is melting. His left hand is permanently stuck to Sans's head. His right leg is more misformed than his left, and his nose-hole is seen melting. SixBones' bones are also moderately weakened from the melting which you can see in a picture of the amalgamate.

Can Sans and papyrus boots be mixed?

Sometimes Sans foot (slipper) joins Papyrus boot, meaning that it's mixed like mentioned, but not all the time. The Middle, Ring and Pinky fingers of Sans are fused, instead the other arm's sleeve has melted on Sans hand causing it to elongate the fingers.

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