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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of plant is papyrus?

The Papyrus Plant. Cyperus papyrus is a flowering plant that grows in water. Native to Africa, it belongs to the sedge family of Cyperaceae and grows tall, thick stands of vegetation in water. The plant does not have leaves, but instead grows from a clumpy, triangular mass of stems.

What are the different types of papyri from Ancient Egypt?

A short list of papyri from ancient Egypt with subject matter is as follows: Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Abusir Papyri (record of Neferirkare Kakai) Moscow Mathematical Papyrus (math problems) Berlin Papyrus (medical topics) Westcar Papyrus (magical tales) Hearst Papyrus (medical text)

Is Cyperus papyrus a grass?

Botanists classify Cyperus papyrus as one of the sedges, a family related to the grass family. They're sometimes thought of as ornamental grasses but are not true grasses. A "sedge" is defined as a grass-like plant with triangular stems and inconspicuous flowers, usually growing in wet areas. Papyrus is a tall, stately plant.

How big does a Cyperus papyrus get?

Papyrus Plant Profile Botanical Name Cyperus papyrus Common Names Papyrus Plant Type Sedge or rush Mature Size 5 to 8 feet tall; 2- to 4-foot spread Sun Exposure Full sun to part shade 6 more rows ...

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