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Frequently Asked Questions

How big does a Cyperus papyrus get?

Papyrus Plant Profile Botanical Name Cyperus papyrus Common Names Papyrus Plant Type Sedge or rush Mature Size 5 to 8 feet tall; 2- to 4-foot spread Sun Exposure Full sun to part shade 6 more rows ...

What does papyrus look like in a container?

Growing in clumps, the papyrus plant extends a tall reedy stem as much as 8 feet tall, atop which perches a clump of umbrella-like grassy rays. The plant is undeniably elegant, but with eccentric touch that makes it look like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book. Papyrus is a dramatic plant that looks great in big, simple containers.

Is Papyrus an annual or perennial?

Papyrus is a large, emergent, aquatic perennial sedge from Africa that produces rhizomes covered in thick, black scales. It grows 10-15 feet high with unusual feather duster type heads composed of thin rays and elongated bracts. In NC it is used as a container plant or annual.

How big do papyrus reeds get?

It's difficult to state a definitive size for papyrus plants (also sometimes called "papyrus reeds") because their size varies depending on where they're growing. In North America, they'll often reach eight feet tall with a spread about half of that. But in their native lands, they may grow much taller.

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