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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this papyrus plant safe for cats?

papyrus plant? safe? Is papyrus safe for cats to nibble. It's the only plant Abi has nibbled. According to this info it is safe. yes I found that too, thanks. it makes sense because she loves chewing on paper inside so why shouldn't she like papyrus outside?

Where does papyrus grow best?

But papyrus is primarily a foliage plant: the accompanying bracts (modified leaves) that make the umbels pop and give them strong visual appeal. This plant is native to the marshy borders of the Nile River valley in Egypt, so it will grow best in locations simulating that environment: constantly wet and sunny.

What is Cyperus papyrus?

Botanists classify Cyperus papyrus as one of the sedges, a family related to the grass family. They're sometimes thought of as ornamental grasses but are not true grasses. A sedge is defined as a grass-like plant with triangular stems and inconspicuous flowers, usually growing in wet areas. Papyrus is a tall, stately plant.

What is a papyrus umbel?

Papyrus is a tall, stately plant. The triangular stem grows out of a clump; under the stem lies a thick mass of rhizomes—the means by which the plant spreads. Atop the stem rests the real beauty of this sedge: a showy umbel.

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