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Frequently Asked Questions

What is papyrus paper?

Papyrus, from which we get the modern word paper, is a writing material made from the papyrus plant, a reed which grows in the marshy areas around the Nile river. Papyrus was used as a writing material as early as 3,000 BC in ancient Egypt, and continued to be used to some extent until around 1100 AD.

How are papyrus sheets made?

Papyrus sheets are made by arranging two layers of papyrus, one atop the other, at right angles. The layers are then pressed together, and the gum released by the breakdown of the plant's cellular structure acts as a glue which bonds the sheet together. In ancient times, several sheets of papyrus were joined end to end to form a roll.

How do you make papyrus?

Although paper can be easily bought, making papyrus is a useful skill, and it feels great to create your own paper. To make papyrus, prepare the plant, make the papyrus, and finish up the process properly for the nicest result possible. Obtain a papyrus plant.

Where can I buy papyrus plants?

You can buy them online or in nurseries. A nursery that specializes in papyrus would be your best bet, however. You can also make the paper out of wide grasses, like river reeds. Choose a papyrus plant with a strong, healthy stalk, as this is what you'll turn into paper.

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