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Frequently Asked Questions

How to edit diagrams in papyrus?

To edit diagrams different editors are available in Papyrus. They have the same basic look and feel. When double clicking on some diagram in the Model Explorer, the diagram opens in the editing view. An outline view and a tool palette are also opened.

What is Papyrus UML?

2 Introduction. Papyrus is built on the extensible Eclipse framework and is an implementation of the OMG (Object Management Group) specification Unified Modeling Language (UML) version 2.4.1. Papyrus is a comprehensive UML modeling environment, where many diagrams can be used to view different aspects of a system.

What resources are stored in the papyrus workspace?

When modeling in Papyrus, three types of resources are stored in the workspace. .di file persists the status of the workbench, i.e. which diagrams and views are opened, etc. .notation file persists the information about the diagrams in the model. .uml file persists the UML model. Note! In this case the model is contained in three files.

How would you describe the character of papyrus?

Papyrus is a flamboyant skeleton who presents a confident, charismatic image of himself. He works hard and, despite his brash personality, is kind at heart. He is optimistic, brave, and considerate even when the protagonist beheads him in the Genocide Route.

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