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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to papyrus cards?

Schurman Fine Papers, which operates 254 stores, including the Papyrus brand as well as the American Greetings and Carlton Card chains, filed for bankruptcy protection on Thursday. All three store chains will close, but the branded cards they sell will still be available at other retailers.

Is papyrus still in business?

While Schurman Fine Papers operates the Papyrus stores, the brand itself is owned by American Greetings, which supplies Papyrus products to more than 300 retailers, according to a spokeswoman for American Greetings, Patrice Molnar. American Greetings will continue to supply cards to those retailers “without any interruption,” Ms. Molnar said.

Is this the end of papyrus?

In recent years, greeting-card sales have dropped and retailers have cut back on the amount of aisle space devoted to paper cards, as consumers switch to digital alternatives. But the store closings are not the end of the Papyrus brand.

Why choose printpapyrus?

PAPYRUS elevates everyday living and moments in that journey to become joyful events, visual statements, and objects of beauty that convey a sense of self and punctuate the way we experience life. We aren't your average stationery store.

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