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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cool animations in Funky Friday?

Here are the following animations that are present in Funky Friday, majority of them being references to other media. Dad animation is based off on Daddy Dearest from Friday Night Funkin. Rick Roll animation is based off on Rick Astley's song: Never Gonna Give You Up. Boombox animation is based off on the Golden Super Fly Boombox, A gear item.

Does Friday night Funkin' ever get updated?

The game is often updated. Songs, animations and emotes are being released over time as new Friday Night Funkin' mods are created. There are animations and emotes players can buy using the points they earn for getting hitting notes correctly, similar to Friday Night Funkin' as all different characters have their own animations.

What are the Funky Friday mods?

This is a list of mods referenced in the Roblox game known as " Funky Friday ", a popular competitive PvP FNF game. Formerly referenced mods include: Sky, Brightside, and Beach Brother. Note: Little Man is needed in this page.

What songs have been added to Funky Friday?

The following are songs that have been added in Funky Friday: Song Length Audio Bopeebo 1:22 File:Bopeebo.ogg Fresh 1:23 File:Fresh.ogg Dad Battle (or DadBattle) 1:26 File:Dad Battle.ogg South 1:28 File:South.ogg 39 more rows ...

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