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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pan the god of?

Part man and part goat, Pan was the god of wild groves, shepherds, and flocks. Born in Arcadia to Hermes and a Dryad, Pan was a precocious child whose goat’s feet and horned head delighted gods, but startled mortals. Nymphs weren’t too happy with his looks either and, as much as Pan loved them, they almost never loved him back.

What is the meaning of Pan?

Definition of pan. (3) : a round shallow usually metal container for separating metal (such as gold) from waste by washing.

What is Pan in the woods?

Pan is the spirit of corners, thresholds, borders, and edges. He is most likely seen at twilight at the edge of the woods from the corner of your eye. The word panic derives from Pan.

What is Panpan on Netflix about?

Pan is the origins viewpoint of director Joe Wright (Atonement) of the boy who is perpetually 12-years-old and the defender of fairies and orphans. Peter (Levi Miller) is an orphan during World War II, who lives with the hope that his mother will come back to retrieve him.

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