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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship a package?

To ship a package with UPS, go online and fill out a shipping label with your address and the address of the recipient, and the size and weight of your package. When you've filled out the label, print it out, and use clear tape to secure it to the top of your package.

What is a small package?

Small Package Delivery with uShip. Small packages that are too large to send by traditional mail, such as bowling balls, home electronics, microwaves, or computers can easily be shipped as less than truckload freight or by local courier services on uShip.

What is package type?

Type A packages. Type A packages are intended to provide a safe and economical means of transporting a well defined, but significant, minor quantity of radioactive material. A total quantity of up to A1 special form radioactive material, or up to A2 if not special form, may be transported in a Type A package.

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