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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose PJ mechanical?

P.J. Mechanical Corp. is committed to energy savings without sacrificing comfort and indoor air quality. P.J. Mechanical ensures the highest quality in preventive maintenance. Clean coils, air filters, and water strainers are our first line of defense for energy efficiency.

Why choose Pan-Pacific mechanical?

Changing the communities we work in since 1947. Pan-Pacific Mechanical has been involved in the construction of all types of projects and has excelled at each one we have taken on. From Entertainment Facilities to High-rise Residential Towers, we have worked on big-name jobs and small projects alike.

Why PRC mechanical?

PRC MECHANICAL has led the way in providing superior mechanical services in various environments which include applications in commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional systems. We are also experts installers for such special products as Earthquake valves, Waterless Urinals, Electro Lubes and the Big Dipper.

Why choose Paj mechanical?

A full staff of service and supervisory technicians is available around the clock to ensure that our clients are never without service. Pride in our service and dedication to the improvement of our industry and workforce are the twin cornerstones of P.J. Mechanical. We provide precise budgeting and valuable engineering services to our clients.

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