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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mesentery an organ?

Recent advances first demonstrated that, distal to the duodenojejunal flexure, the mesentery is a continuous collection of tissues. This observation explained how the small and large intestines are centrally connected, and the anatomy of the associated peritoneal landscape. In turn it prompted recategorisation of the mesentery as an organ.

What are the three mesenteries of the abdominal cavity?

In the fully formed abdominal cavity, mesenteries are found dorsally and adhere the viscera to the posterior wall. There are three mesenteries, all named after their organ attachments in the abdominal cavity, as follows: the mesentery of the small intestine or mesentery proper, transverse mesocolon. sigmoid mesocolon.

What happens if the mesentery does not form properly?

If the mesentery doesn’t properly form during fetal development, the intestines can collapse or twist. This than lead to blocked blood vessels or tissue death in the abdomen, which are both serious conditions.

What is the difference between the mesentery and the peritoneum?

The peritoneum around the heart is called the pericardium, and is specialized for that function. The heart is in the thoracic cavity. The mesentery only surrounds organs in the abdominal cavity. 2. Which of the following is NOT a function of the mesentery?

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