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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Orlando Sentinel?

The Orlando Sentinel is owned by parent company, Tribune Publishing. This company was acquired by Alden Global Capital, which operates its media properties through Digital First Media, in May 2021.

How many pages does the Orlando Sentinel have?

The Orlando Sentinel was published in Orlando, Florida and with 4,691,167 searchable pages from .

Is the Orlando Sentinel the Central Floridian of the year?

The Orlando Sentinel is taking nominations for the 2021 Central Floridian of the Year award. Can’t sleep? Bills piling up? Deliver the Orlando Sentinel and earn extra cash The Orlando Sentinel has the perfect solution for those who need to make some extra money: Delivering newspapers in the early morning and earning extra cash.

When did the Sentinel newspaper start publishing in Florida?

Another Orlando paper, the South Florida Sentinel, started publishing as a morning daily in 1913. Then known as the Morning Sentinel, it bought the Reporter-Star in 1931, when Martin Andersen came to Orlando to manage both papers. Andersen eventually bought both papers outright in 1945, selling them to the Tribune Company of Chicago in 1965.

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