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Frequently Asked Questions

What is organizational unit in Active Directory?

Organizational Unit (OU) is a container in Active Directory domain that can contain different objects from the same AD domain: other containers, groups, user and computer accounts. Active Directory OU is a simple administrative unit within a domain on which an administrator can link Group Policy objects and assign permissions to another user.

What is an organizational unit?

An Organizational Unit (OU) is similar to a folder that subdivides and organizes network resources within a domain. • An OU can contain other OUs and any type of object type, such as users, computers, and printers. • OUs can be nested to logically organize network resources.

What is an office administration test?

Office administration tests help employers to find assistants with the skills needed to do the job, including accuracy, communication, software aptitude and time management. Buy tests Free test What is an administrative assistant aptitude test?

What is on an administrative assistant test?

The Administrative Assistant test evaluates candidates' competency in attention to detail, basic Excel spreadsheets, time management, written communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as their general aptitude for logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning. How do you test administrative skills?

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