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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Oregon's State Flag different from all other U.S. state flags?

The state flag of Oregon is the only state flag with different images on each side. It was adopted when a postmaster from Portland requested an official flag sent to Washington DC to be displayed with all the other US flags. On the reverse appears a beaver, the state animal. Both sides have a field of navy blue with design in gold.

What do the symbols on the Oregon State flag mean?

The flag field is navy blue with all lettering and symbols in gold, representing the state colors of Oregon. On the obverse, the legend STATE OF OREGON is written above an escutcheon, which also appears in the Oregon state seal. The shield is surrounded by 33 stars, representing Oregon's admission to the Union as the 33rd state.

How many stars are on the Oregon State Flag?

Oregon (U.S.) In 1859, a star was added, representing Oregon, bringing the total number of stars on the U.S. flag to 33. There were thirteen stripes representing the thirteen original colonies.

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