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Frequently Asked Questions

What Airlines does Orbitz use?

Orbitz is financed by Delta Air Lines Inc., Continental Airlines Inc., Northwest Airlines Inc., United Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines Inc. and is supported by 450 other U.S. and international carriers.

Where can I get cheap airline tickets?

How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets Method 1 of 3: Timing Your Ticket Search and Travel Dates. Start looking for domestic tickets at least 6 weeks in advance. ... Method 2 of 3: Choosing an Airline and Booking Site. Search for cheap airline tickets using your browser's incognito mode. ... Method 3 of 3: Finding More Ways to Save. Sign up for email alerts to be informed about low-fare deals. ...

Are airline tickets cheaper at the airport?

The answer is yes and no. Most airlines don't offer cheaper airfare at the airport. Airlines like Southwest give their customers the cheapest flight directly on their site, while you might be able to find a good deal on American, Delta, and United via sites like Kayak or Google Flights.

How do you book an airline ticket?

Click through to the airline’s website. Once you have found the best trip, select it on the aggregator ste and move to the airline’s direct website to book your tickets. Some aggregators allow you to book the ticket through their website, but there may be an additional service fee. Choose your seat.

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