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Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented Cincinnati Opera cream?

Sources vary on whether the Cincinnati opera cream was invented by Bissinger's or the Robert H. Putnam Company, both Cincinnati confectioneries, though Dann Woellert notes that the first local advertisements for the candy was in 1924 by Putman's.

How are opera creams made?

The creation of opera creams occurs in four stages. The ingredients for the center—cream, sugar, and vanilla—are heated in a double boiler to create what's called a "fondant". Once cooled, the fondant mixture is kneaded in a ball cream beater, which is a kind of horizontal circular mixture.

What is an opera cream Easter egg?

Lastly, the cream center is coated in chocolate. The usual form of the opera cream is a rectangular chocolate, with dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties produced. However, around the Easter holiday, opera cream Easter eggs are popular, with some varieties of opera cream egg weighing up to 3 lb (1.4 kg).

What are operopera creams?

Opera creams are a candy made of chocolate. They are most popularly associated with Cincinnati, Ohio, though they are sold in other Ohio cities, as well as Kentucky.

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