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Frequently Asked Questions

What can smarttime do for You?

Quickly and accurately break timecards with a level of precision and flexibility unmatched in the industry. New SmartTime automatically calculates overtime, meal penalties, night premiums, and more, and splitting times between account codes is simple.

What is the Smart time online podcast?

The Smart Time Online Podcast, a top-ranking weekly business podcast, features expert interviews and advice for optimizing your online conversions and income, as well as other current-day internet business strategies. Podcast Navigation Menu Home»Podcast » Podcast

How does new smarttime work with SmartStart?

Employee information, union and rate details, allowances, account coding, and more are instantly imported into New SmartTime from SmartStart, ensuring timecard accuracy and expediting onboarding. Submit timecards from anywhere, anytime.

How does smarttime protect sensitive data?

Protect sensitive data with military-grade security. New SmartTime data is protected both in-transit and at rest by powerful encryption, which means sensitive PII no longer needs to be stored on local hard drives where it’s at risk of being lost or stolen.

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