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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a G4 form?

Form G 4 Employee Withholding Form G-4 Employee Withholding Form (G4) is to be completed and submitted to your employer in order to have tax withheld from your wages. TSD_Employees_Withholding_Allowance_Certificate_G-4.pdf (775.89 KB)

What is the G4 network?

In addition to video game culture, G4's programming encompasses geek, fandom, genre, and general audience shows aimed at young adult men. The network primarily livestreams its original programming on their Twitch and YouTube channels. These livestreams are edited to air on the linear television channel and video on demand platforms the next day.

What does G4TV stand for?

For the weekly show that aired on G4 from 2002–2005, see (TV series). G4 (also known as G4TV) is an American pay television and digital network owned by Comcast Spectacor that is primarily focused on video games and gaming culture.

What happened to G4 Style Network?

In late 2012, G4's studio programming ceased in preparation for a planned relaunch as Esquire Network, as part of a licensing deal with Hearst Corporation, owner of Esquire magazine. Esquire Network would ultimately replace Style Network instead, on September 23, 2013.

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