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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Omnisphere 2 on my computer?

From your Downloads folder, open the “Omnisphere 2 Installation” folder and then the folder called “Windows.” 2. Double-click the file “Omnisphere 2 Downloadable Installer.exe.” 3. Click “Next” to begin the Omnisphere 2 installation process. 4. Follow the steps as you’re guided through the installation process.

How much does the Omnisphere 2 cost?

Omnisphere 2 Full Product Boxed: $499 / €399 Omnisphere 2 Full Product Download: $499 Standard Upgrade: $249 Atmosphere Upgrade: $249

Does Omnisphere 2 support VSTi 3?

You can have Omnisphere 2 take up less horizontal space by pressing the right arrow to the right of the mini-browser to hide it, or toggle the arrow back when you need it again. This worked perfectly in my VSTi 2 host and does not require VSTi 3 support in order to intelligently resize.

What is the latest version of opomnisphere?

Omnisphere 2.3 is the latest update to Spectrasonics flagship power synth virtual instrument.

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