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Frequently Asked Questions

Why stay at Omni Corpus Christi?

· Omni Hotel Corpus is a well-reviewed property that is found just 13-minutes from the Corpus Christi International Airport. · Omni Hotel Corpus Christi is located walking distance from a number of top local attractions, including the One Shoreline Plaza. · A free airport shuttle is provided for guests of the Omni Corpus Christi.

What is the best hotel in Corpus Christi TX?

Modern Comforts By The Water. Grand Corpus Christi hotel on the Texas Coast. Located in the lively downtown Marina District, Omni Corpus Christi Hotel offers luxurious guestrooms with spectacular views of the Corpus Christi bay.

Is the Knights Inn Hotel in Corpus Christi haunted?

Haunted hotels are certainly nothing new, but often we expect them to be the older, more historic hotels rather than a pretty unobtrusive mid-price chain hotel. However, one of the most haunted locations in Corpus Christi is the Knights Inn Hotel.

Is Corpus Christi's Center Theatre haunted?

The Center Theatre in Corpus Christi was opened in 1942. It is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who was murdered by her own husband during a performance at the theatre. He apparently killed her as she left the ladies bathroom on the upper floor.

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