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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pilot recruiting work at Omni Air International?

At Omni Air International we conduct our pilot recruiting through invitation-only information and interview sessions. In these recruiting events, management discusses the job in detail including training and benefits, and you have an opportunity to participate in an interview process. Start your career. Let's fly!

What is Omni Air Transport?

Omni Air was founded in 1983 as Omni Air Transport Pilots are home based Positive space tickets to/from trips. Most direct routing is standard. Direct flights before connections. International deadhead over 3 hours booked in business class, C fare ticket. Business or First. Pilots may opt for payment stipend instead of upgraded seating.

What is it like to be a crew member with Omni?

As a crewmember with Omni, you will experience flying international routes while enjoying the benefit of being home based. During training, trainees receive training pay ($1000 on the 15th and last day of the month) and domestic per diem ($2.00). Duties include but are not limited to the following:

How hard is it to make money at Omni Hotels?

In order to make a livable wage you have to have tenure of at least 5+ years at Omni and if you don’t have that then take into account that you are gone 20 days out of the month regular schedule But will have to volunteer off days in order to make any real money.

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