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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you send messages on Omegle?

If you want to write a feedback to Omegle staff: Go to main page of site. Scroll down with your mouse until you reach the bottom of the page. Click on “Send feedback to Omegle’s staff” Enter your email address and enter your message. Click on “Send Feedback button”

Is Omegle a good site?

Omegle is a great idea in theory. It's a website that links you with complete strangers to chat about whatever you like. You can stick to text or video and talk about hobbies, interests, or random stuff. As always, there are lots of other websites that offer much the same thing.

What is Omegle about?

Omegle is a random chat platform which helps you to talk to strangers from different countries of the world.

Is Omegle safe with text chat?

Omegle's terms of service seek to keep the text or video chats clean and to mitigate against the safety or privacy risk of any illegal or inappropriate activity. With the aim of keeping users safe online, users who engage in conduct that is against the site's rules may result in an Omegle ban that is linked to an IP address.

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