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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Omegle really allow you to talk to strangers?

Yes. Omegle listens to its users and has introduced the video chat feature on their platform. This means, you have the option to talk with strangers either in the form of Text or video chat.

Is Omegle safe for chatting online?

While Omegle admins make an effort to create a safe online environment for strangers to chat, the reality is that these measures are insufficient in protecting vulnerable people like children and teenagers, as well as from inappropriate and even illegal behavior by other Omegle users.

Is it wrong to chat online with strangers?

It's perfectly fine to talk with strangers online, as long as you stick to the common sense safety rules. The easiest way to keep safe is to establish commonalities in a more "public" online space before moving to a private chat. In fact, chat rooms and social media are great places to discuss your ideas and feelings with new people.

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