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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Ecosia mean?

A user from Massachusetts, U.S. says the name Ecosia is of English origin and means "Tree". Search for more names by meaning . Thanks! We will review your submission shortly!

Is Ecosia safe to use as a web browser?

Ecosia is a browser that is similar to Google, however it uses its ad money to plant trees. It runs on Bing tho, which is not 100% carbon neutral. Probably does not matter though. The website itself is 100% safe, but like all search engines you can find some.... interesting things.

Does Ecosia really plant trees?

Ecosia in turn, uses this income to plant trees. Ecosia maintains strict transparency by posting monthly receipts and business reports, right on their site.

Is it true that Ecosia plants trees for every search?

According to Ecosia, the company helps plant a tree every 30 seconds. It is quite a number, as it amounts to almost 3,000 trees per day. The website features a counter in the top-right corner to incentivize its users to do more searches (and thereby plant more trees). Somewhere around 45 searches will plant a single tree.

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